The South Orange County has taken a position on several bills that will have a significant impact on the region’s economy, business climate and quality of life. In the coming months, you’ll hear how you can make an impact in supporting some of the bills that will help business while opposing legislation that is clearly anti-business.

SOCEC supports the following bills:

  • SB 3 (Beall) – Authorizes bonds to finance various existing housing programs, infill project financing and affordable housing grant programs.
  • SB 35 (Wiener) – Allows for streamlined approval processes with no CUP required for accessory dwelling unit or multi-family housing development.
  • AB 346 (Daly) – Provides additional funding for homelessness, emergency and transitional services and affordable housing
  • AB 869 (Rubio) – Eliminates the requirement that water suppliers must report contribution of recycled water it produces in overall usage counts.

SOCEC opposes the following bills:

  • SB 2 (Atkins) – Imposes unnecessary fees to be paid at the time of recording of most real estate documents to fund affordable housing throughout state
  • SB 57 (Stern) – Prohibits natural gas injections at Aliso Canyon, impacting Southern California’s energy supply
  • SB 562 (Lara) – Single payer, government-run health care, this bill replaces private medical insurance with governmental health care covering all Californians
  • AB 890 (Medina) – This eliminates another tool in our fight against the housing crisis, requiring development projects’ approved by local voters to undergo onerous CEQA process that historically has been abused by NIMBYs to fight much-needed housing